Co-extruded release films

Flextech offers a wide range of release films for many diverse applications. These are supplied both non-perforated.

Our state-of-the-art micro-perforating machine is able to perform both hot and cold needle perforations with several patterns available. We are able to finely adjust depth penetration of the needles in order to respect the desired hole diameter.

The automatic roll changer ensures that the process is continuous assuring presence of perforations throughout the whole roll. This is especially important in advance composite processing be it either pre-preg or resin infusion technology which is employed.

Our advanced composite release film range of products operates from room temperature up to 315°c.

For the automotive industry, Flextech also offers a thermoformable release film used in foamed PU insulation applications where an ‘in-mould’ film is preferred to liquid chemical release agents.