About Us

Flextech specializes in the development, production and commercialisation of technical film products for the industrial sector. Using polymers including low and high density polyethylene, Nylon, EVOH, Metallocene and Polypropylene, along with a wide range of special additives, we strive to develop materials adapted to give our customers a technical and commercial advantage for their particular area of business. We have access to a wide range of blown and cast extrusion lines which are capable of producing a comprehensive range of sizes and products in both monolayer and co extruded form.

Our pilot blown co extrusion line permits the production of small sample batches using many different polymers, prior to scaling up to production sizes and volumes. Flextech’s vast experience in polymer processing and formulating makes it the ideal partner for your technical film requirements. Please contact our technical team for advice concerning your particular application.

In May 2017 following several years of fruitful co-operation, we joined the Ginegar Plastic Products Group. Ginegar specialize in the manufacture of highly technical films and nets, predominantly for use in the agricultural market. This strengthened partnership has proved very successful in developing our market position and perception.

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