technical films

Flextech supports the composites industry, glass laminating industries and the general industry with a range of coex and mono extruded films all developed to provide a technical solution at a highly competitive price.
The maximum temperature resistance, the chemical structure and the special performance of a simple film are merged by a study,
development and selection of special polymers including polyamide in all its copolimerisations.
Our knowlwdge is frequently shared with polymer and additive producers to develop the raw materials necessary to our final process, that is extrusion.
Flextech target is to develop special films which are not usually included in rigid ranges to satisfy our customers’ needs.
Thanks to our partner companies we can develop film up to 9 layer and we can get huge sizes up to 16 mt coextruding films up to 5 layer.
Flextech has a reputation for superior products quality and service for the technical industry.