Coextruded Polyamide (Nylon) Vacuum bags and Vacuum films

We can serve the ever-growing market for flat-seal pouches (3 or 2 welding lines) and open top poches if only one welding line is required.
Flextech is able to supply up to 2300 mm wide bags.
Our possibility to develop and extrude special films puts Flextech in a unique position to supply high temperature resistance bags instead of the classical Polyamide /Polyetylene bags.
A wide range of coex PA/PP , PA/Yono, PA/PA bags is available on demand.
Flextech is the ideal partner/supplier for the food industry for special projects and the technical partner of the technical industry if special bags are requested. (BMC, Solvent recovery bags, Vacuum bags for Electronic packaging, etc..)
Flextech can develop a wide range of nylon based films, up to 16 mt wide, developing together with the customer the ideal film in terms of temperature, resistance, releasing properties and flexibility of the film.
Flextech can produce flat barrier flexible films up to 5 mt wide and up to 300 my thick.